SPOT Token

Cryptospot Token (SPOT) is available on Tronscan

I am excited to announce the launch of “Cryptospot Token” (SPOT) that has been launched on the TRX blockchain! This unique token will be rewarded to users of the website and upcoming mobile DApp. The token is LIVE!!

Tokens can be received by:

  • Listing your business on the app (100 SPOT)
  • Checking in to a location using the app (future announcement)
  • Exchanging TRX at (2:1 SPOT:TRX) at
  • Accepting SPOT at your business
  • Sharing this blog post on twitter and posting a screen shot as proof here.  (50 SPOT)


Tokens can be spent:

  • Listing your business on the app
  • At a location using the app
  • Exchanging for TRX on the tronscan DEX (future goal)
  • At businesses that accept SPOT
  • At the unique store (coming soon)

Our ecosystem will be very unique and will require user participation to power the dapp.

The white paper (lite) available November 26, and all the social media links will remain the same for both Cryptospot sites. You must have a  Tronscan account to receive the tokens at this time. We will be listed on an exchange in the VERY near future.

There will be frequent giveaways and bounties; join the Discord for more information! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!